Moving Your Brick-n-Mortar Store Online: An Evergreen Guide

Taking your store online can bring in customers that you’d never even considered. It has the potential to scale any business by reaching out to buyers the world over. Learn the quintessential strategy to bring your store online, whichever niche you're in.

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In 2020, e-Commerce spending was up 44% compared to 2019

If there’s any more compelling stat to make your transition online, we haven’t heard it.

44% growth in one year is pretty unbelievable, even in the context of the unbelievable reality we’re all in.

While it may feel easy to dismiss this gargantuan growth as the result of the pandemic, the situation should be seen as more of a catalyst than a one-time booster.

Global trends for e-Commerce were already predicting a healthy future for e-commerce, Coronavirus merely brought it into the present.

Wait, there's more.

In 2021, over 2 billion people will be shopping online. 

2.14 billion people, to be exact. With a potential customer pool that’s 25% of the world population, it’s time to expand your digital ambitions.

Branching out to a global audience can certainly be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve built your business on a foundation of loyal, local customer interactions.

But taking your store online can bring in customers that you’d never even considered. It has the potential to scale any business by reaching out to buyers the world over.

The sky really is the limit with e-Commerce.

In this guide, we will walk you through quintessential steps to bring your physical stores online, for almost every niche.

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  • 12 Steps To Move Your Brick and Mortar Store Online

    OUTLINE We get it; the thought of moving a brick and mortar store online can be overwhelming for the store owner who’s put so much into their physical business. But believe us, of all the ways to get future-proofed in retail, by far the most effective is moving into e-commerce. Recent years have seen aSee more

  • Types of eCommerce Business Models: Definition & Examples

    When was the last time you purposefully purchased something in a brick-and-mortar store? My guess is at least a few years ago. Why? Because online shopping, or eCommerce, has changed the way we consume forever.  It was projected that eCommerce sales would make up 15% of total purchases in the US by 2021. And hereSee more

  • How To Sell Food Online: The Quintessential Guide

    Outline According to a report released by Research and Markets, the global food and beverage (F&B) e-commerce market reached $22.4 billion in 2020. Due to the pandemic, people spend most of their time staying indoors, which leads to the increasing need for purchasing food and other essential products online. Such conditions create opportunities for peopleSee more

  • How To Sell Clothes Online: A Money-Making Guide

    According to Business Research Company, despite the 8.59% decrease in the compound annual growth rate due to the impact of COVID-19, the global fashion eCommerce market is expected to witness a recovery to $672.71 billion in 2023. So, if you’re planning to open sell clothes online at the moment, just do it! And the good news is there areSee more

  • How To Sell Art Online: Winning Guide To Profit From Your Creativity

    eCommerce has been on the rise for the past few years, with its sales amounting to 21.3% of total purchases in the US in 2020. And since most of us can’t leave our houses these days either, it’s wise to start an online business. If you’re confident in your creativity, you should definitely look intoSee more

  • How To Sell Wine Online: 5-Step Definitive Guide (+ 3 Examples!)

    Sell wine online? That sounds a little bit weird right? You might think that wine lovers tend to keep it old school and offline when it comes to buying wine. You might think that, like a vintage Barossa Valley Shiraz in a cool environment, wine drinkers have matured incredibly slowly in today’s ecommerce world.  Well,See more

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